About Us

Manufacturing and Expertise:
In India, we are the leading manufacturer of dextrose monohydrate, sorbitol, and starch, catering to diverse industries including textile, paper, packaging, pharmaceutical, and food. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce customized products tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Wholesale Excellence:
In Australia, we excel as a premier wholesaler, offering a broad spectrum of products sourced from our extensive network of global manufacturers. This extensive reach allows us to provide exceptional logistical support, ensuring uninterrupted supply chains and rapid delivery to our clients.

About Us

Empowering Industries with Exceptional Customization and Logistics Support

Welcome to Synergy Healthcare, a global leader with branches in both India and Australia. We specialize in supplying top-quality maize (corn) derivatives such as Glucose, Dextrose, and Maltodextrin, along with a wide range of food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, and laboratory chemicals. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and are available at competitive prices.

Our Commitment

Driving Innovation, Delivering Excellence

Our Vision

We aim to a globally recognized leader in the supply of corn derivatives, pharmaceutical raw materials, and laboratory chemicals, driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide high-quality products and solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients in various industries. We are committed to continuous improvement, ethical business practices, and fostering long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


Deep Shah

With a decade of experience as a qualified biotechnologist in the pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as various research and laboratory settings, I bring an energetic and dynamic approach to my work. My strong people skills, attention to detail, and constant pursuit of optimal results allow me to bring out the best in both individuals and teams. Additionally, my decision-making and problem-solving abilities contribute to a productive work environment.

Currently serving as the Managing Director of Synergy Healthcare Australia, our company is at the forefront of the supply chain for corn derivatives, including glucose, dextrose, and starch. We are also a leading provider of pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals, lab chemicals, and solvents in both bulk and smaller quantities. Committed to health and science, our mission is to establish a swift and efficient logistics supply for high-quality corn derivatives at highly competitive prices. With our dedicated team, we ensure round-the-clock product availability throughout Australia.

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Aakash Patel

At Synergy Healthcare, our paramount objective is to deliver the utmost quality to our clients. We believe in providing products that surpass expectations, ensuring the satisfaction and success of our valued partners. To achieve this, we have devoted ourselves to building a logistics supply chain that is not only efficient but also sets new standards for speed and reliability. My goal is to provide best quality of product to the client and create fastest growing logistics supply chain.