Sorbitol 70% Solution / Sorbitol Powder

Sorbitol 70% Solution / Sorbitol Powder


Enhance the texture and sweetness of your products with our Sorbitol 70%, a versatile ingredient recognized for its unique properties. This solution, containing 70% sorbitol content, serves multiple functions in various industries. It’s commonly used as a sweetener, humectant, and texturizer in food and beverage production. Additionally, it finds applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, where it acts as a stabilizer and moisturizer. Incorporating Sorbitol 70% into your formulations can help improve product quality and appeal. Elevate your creations with this high-quality ingredient and experience its versatility across different sectors.

Product Description

Introducing Sorbitol 70% Solution and Sorbitol Powder, the versatile and high-quality products that are revolutionizing the market. Sorbitol, a sugar alcohol derived from glucose, offers a wide range of benefits and applications in various industries, including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care products. With its exceptional properties, Sorbitol 70% Solution and Sorbitol Powder are the ideal choices for your formulation needs.

Sorbitol 70% Solution is a clear, colorless liquid that contains 70% sorbitol and 30% water. It is highly soluble in water and has a sweet taste, making it a popular ingredient in the food and beverage industry. It serves as an excellent sugar substitute in sugar-free and reduced-sugar products, offering the desired sweetness without adding unnecessary calories. With its low glycemic index, Sorbitol 70% Solution is suitable for diabetic-friendly and low-carb formulations. It enhances the texture, taste, and shelf life of various food products, including baked goods, confectioneries, dairy products, and beverages. Its humectant properties help prevent moisture loss, ensuring freshness and maintaining the quality of food items.

Sorbitol Powder, on the other hand, is a fine, white crystalline powder that is derived from Sorbitol 70% Solution through a careful drying process. It is highly versatile and can be easily incorporated into dry mix formulations. Sorbitol Powder shares similar properties with its liquid counterpart, making it an excellent choice for applications where a powdered form is preferred. Its free-flowing nature allows for effortless blending with other dry ingredients, making it an ideal choice for various powdered mixes, such as instant drink powders, powdered desserts, and nutritional supplements. With its exceptional stability and long shelf life, Sorbitol Powder ensures that your products stay fresh and maintain their quality over time.

Apart from its uses in the food and beverage industry, Sorbitol 70% Solution and Sorbitol Powder find extensive applications in the pharmaceutical and personal care sectors. In pharmaceutical formulations, Sorbitol acts as an effective excipient in oral solutions, syrups, and chewable tablets. Its sweet taste helps mask the bitterness of certain active ingredients, making medications more palatable for patients. In personal care products, Sorbitol acts as a humectant and moisturizer, providing hydration to the skin and hair. It is commonly used in products like toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions, creams, and hair care products, contributing to their smooth and nourishing properties.

Both Sorbitol 70% Solution and Sorbitol Powder are manufactured with stringent quality control measures to ensure consistency and purity. They are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and approved by regulatory bodies, meeting international standards for safety and quality. With their long shelf life and stable properties, these products guarantee extended usability, reducing waste and maximizing cost-efficiency.

Whether you are a food and beverage manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company, or a personal care product formulator, Sorbitol 70% Solution and Sorbitol Powder are the perfect solutions to elevate your formulations. Trust in their exceptional versatility, quality, and reliability to create innovative, delicious, and effective products that meet the demands of today’s discerning consumers. Experience the power of Sorbitol and unlock endless possibilities for your business.

  • Premium Sorbitol Solution/Powder: Our product is a premium-grade sorbitol solution/powder known for its superior quality and purity.
  • Versatile Applications: Sorbitol finds wide applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries, serving as a sweetener, humectant, and bulking agent.
  • Sugar Substitute: It is a popular sugar substitute with approximately 60% of the sweetness of sucrose, providing a lower-calorie alternative for reduced-sugar formulations.
  • Excellent Humectant Properties: Sorbitol acts as an effective humectant, retaining moisture and preventing drying out in various food and personal care products.
  • Enhanced Texture and Mouthfeel: Our sorbitol solution/powder improves the texture, smoothness, and mouthfeel of formulations, creating a pleasant sensory experience.
  • Customizable Solutions: We offer both sorbitol solution and powder forms, allowing our customers to choose the option that best suits their specific manufacturing requirements.
  • Trusted Supplier: With a reputation for quality and reliability, we are a trusted supplier of sorbitol solution and powder, meeting the highest industry standards and customer expectations.